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Common work for environment

The Polish Plastics Pact’s members include: Alpla Polska, Carrefour, Danone Group in Poland, Jeronimo Martins Polska, Kaufland Polska Markety, Korporacja KGL, Lidl Polska, LPP, Nestlé Polska, Rekopol Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań, Santander Bank Polska, Unilever Polska, joined by 20 supporting institutions including NGOs, business organizations and universities.

Becoming member of the Pact, Korporacja KGL undertakes common initiatives with the associated companies launching packed products on the market, recyclers, recovery and industry organizations, NGOs and universities, working jointly towards the following 6 national targets to be achieved until 2025. The assignments are based on the three model directions proposed by the experts, which include: reduced usage of virgin raw materials through recyclate application - innovations – closed circulation of materials.

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6 key targets

Main targets for the members of the Polish Plastics Pact are as below:

  • Identify and eliminate unnecessary and problematic plastic packaging through redesign, innovation, and alternative delivery models;
  • A 30% reduction (by weight) in virgin plastic consumption across plastic packaging put on the market;
  • Ensure that 100% of plastic packaging on the Polish market is reusable or recyclable;
  • Ensure an average of 25% recycled content across all plastic packaging;
  • Effective support of packaging collection and recycling systems that ensure at least 55% of plastic packaging is recycled on the Polish market;
  • Conduct effective citizen engagement in the field of reduction, reuse, sorting, and recycling of packaging.

For more information go to:

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KGL thinks globally and acts locally

We expect that our participation in the Pact will be of a great value for this initiative – underlines Lech Skibiński, Vice-president of the Management Board in Korporacja KGL S.A.– We are not only one of the leaders producing single-use packaging, but also a research & development company. Our own Research & Development Center has come up with the technology for production of recyclate-based packaging for food market, fully recyclable. R&D Center performs the works which are align with the targets and obligations of the PPP referring to the design and production of environment friendly innovative packaging.

All research projects in the R&D Center are led by a team of specialists competent in plastics processing. The company cooperates on a daily basis also with other research institutions and universities on, among others, various types of research of the material structures and packaging mechanical properties.

About the Pact

The Polish Plastics Pact is a cross-sector initiative that was formed under the auspices of 17. Goals Campaign. This is a continuation of 2019 Polish Pact initiative for sustainable plastics usage. On 10th September 2020 the Polish Plastics Pact joined the most prominent international environment initiative i.e. Plastics Pact network Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The Foundation cooperates globally with more than 400 companies responsible for the launch of 20% packaging on the world markets, governments of many countries, NGOs and industry organizations, research centers and investors.