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Our history has been created together with a numerous group of Clients and suppliers, with whom we have been cooperating for many years. During nearly 30 years of our operations, we have proved to be a credible and reliable plastics supplier on the Polish market.

The current and planned development of KGL S.A. guarantees further positive history of the company, which will be continued together with our current and future Contractors.


See how our company has changed and developed over the years. Learn about the key moments in our history.


Formation of a private company – Korporacja KGL. Its main scope of business is distribution of thermoplastics and production of plastic packaging. The company operates in Poland and neighboring countries, where its sales offices are based.


Development of customized product offer allowed us to dynamically increase sales. Consequently it was decided to change the company legal status and the address of registered seat. Since 2002, the company is stock listed and operates under the business name of Korporacja KGL S.A. seated in Mościska near Warsaw. Since the beginning of the business operations, sales of plastics on the Polish market via own distribution points has been one of the company’s pillars. In the same year, we succeeded to implement and certify the ISO 9002 quality system, we also opened our branch in Lithuania. Caring about our Cutomers’ needs, we have been working continuously on the selection of reliable suppliers and development of commercialized product offer.


Formation of distribution company CEP.


Acquisition of majority share in Marcato company and starting operations as the manufacturer and supplier of food contact packing systems.


Production of foil and packaging in Marcato, based on BRC system.


Implementation of CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) as part of the organization development and service quality enhancement.


Launch of packaging production in Mościska, as part of Korporacja KGL S.A. business operations.


Purchase of the first part of the multi-functional production-storage facility in Klaudyn.


First listing of Korporacja KGL S.A. shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (IPO)


Acquisition of FFK Moulds Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. – increase of competences related to production tools’ manufacturing (moulds).


Purchase of the second part of the facility in Klaudyn.


Opening the Research & Development Center in Rzakta.


Merger of subsidiaries of the KGL Group i.e. Marcato Sp. z o.o.. C.E.P. Polska Sp. z o.o. and FFK Moulds Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.


Starting business as one company Korporacja KGL S.A.
(FFK Moulds Sp. z o.o. acquired at the end of 2020)
Purchase of the production plant in Czosnów


Operating under one company name KGL S.A.



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