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Formation of Research & Development Center for improvement of technology, design and research regarding innovative forms and tools used in plastic processing and thermoforming in Marcato company.


The project is aimed at strengthening the Company’s research potential resulting in the production diversification, which shall be achieved by innovative, fundamentally changed products launched on the market.


Marcato Sp. z o.o.


26 094 142,50 PLN


4 349 700,00 PLN


Subject-matter of the project is the construction of a modern research-development facility by Marcato Sp. z o.o. for research and development projects of a high innovative potential, related to the currently diversified business operations and improved competitiveness and innovation of the company. The Center is mainly engaged in running industry research and development works referring to the preparation and construction of models, prototypes and technologies for producing moulds and forms used in plastic processing and thermoforming. The Company is presently the leading packaging manufacturer and deals with foil extrusion, thus the planned project of the research facility stands for diversification of the present business structure.

The project regarding initial investment for the benefit of new business operations.

The planned works and research projects are to be executed individually and in cooperation with the research units, SME sector companies and NGOs. The Applicant subsequently attempts to diffuse the innovations and cooperate with other entities.

For the purpose of the project implementation, the company plans to construct, on the owned plot of land located in Rzakta (area of Otwock), a new cubature building for the R&D Center of the total area of 3313 m², where 1500 m² under eligible cost (construction works and materials), designed only for research-development operations. The investment purchases include: two new tangible assets consisting of the required research and laboratory equipment, intangible and legal assets consisting of R&D related technical documentation and software. The project cost includes as well the business operational expenses – purchase costs of materials and products directly connected with the project implementation as part of de minimis.

The planned investment described in the application allows for the launch of essential research facilities, diversification of the company production profile and increase in the innovation potential. Owing to such solutions, Marcato company obtains new added value being new markets for the operating business and modern & optimal research facilities required for the execution of future plans considering manufacturing and innovation improvements.

Implementation of the project results in additional 16 R&D vacancies in the R&D Center, where more than 60% of the newly employed have an academic degree; new technologies and products (moulds and tools) being quality and price competitive; permanent cooperation with SMEs, research facilities and NGOs; reemployment of persons with secondary and higher education; elimination of restrictions regarding access to the new work places.

The project positively impacts the sustainable development policy, in particular regarding the 4R rule implementation. Its execution gives a significant increase of expenditures for research activities and acquisition of other R&D units for cooperation in the investment & research process performance, which additionally stimulates future R&D projects. The project relates directly to the National Smart Specializations [KIS] number 6, 11, 13, 17 and 19 and corresponds to the main purpose of the Smart Growth Operational Program [POIR] and implements its key message “ from the idea to the market”.


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