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Recycled polyester packaging for diary sector


Research on a formula of recycled polyester foil for production of thermoformed packaging used in diary sector


Marcato Sp. z o.o.


15 186 677,94 PLN


8 019 448,59 PLN


The project considers industrial, development and pre-implementation works on the foamed polyester foil of controlled barrier capacity, chemical resistance, thermal resistance, low light transmittance, used for production of thermoformed packaging for diary industry. The packaging is characterized by its material i.e. recycled polyester being alternative to the generally used polystyrene and polypropylene.

The project is to be completed within 36 months in 4 stages. In the 1st stage, new knowledge and skills are to be gained regarding extrusion of foamed foil made of recycled polyester, also recycling of sheet materials (hardly recyclable wastes). Work within this stage consists in preparation of foil formula, adequate homogenization of components, effective drying and processing (e.g. foaming) technology of incompatible components and foil modification methods through co-extrusion and lamination with other materials. This allows to limit migration of small-molecule compounds by increasing PET resistance e.g. against lipids, PET thermal resistance will increase and thus the packaging could be filled with hot products.

Effects of the research are to be used in the subsequent stage to prepare new packaging being a model single mould and to specify thermoforming parameters. The stage is finalized by presentation and tests of the packaging model. The packaging is tested in respect of endurance, barrier, thermal, viscosity and density properties, migration and sensorics on the selected model liquids. The third stage includes confirmation of the research assumptions and change from the modelling phase to prototyping. The manufacturing technology is verified and evaluated using selected recipes allowing for production of prototype foil and packaging. One of the aspects on this stage considers preparation of few prototype tools for production of packaging compatible with the requirements of different diary products and verifying former assumptions on the prototype multi moulds. The products are tested again and checked for the endurance, barrier, thermal, viscosity and density properties, migration and sensorics. This stage includes as well closing and printing systems of the polyester packaging, to be followed by an assessment of the impact the packaging has on a ready dairy product.

Once the research stage is completed and new polyester-based packaging for diary industry is prepared, the Beneficiary plans to start preparing for implementation consisting in series of actions for launching the product on the market. In this stage it is to be confirmed that Marcato is capable of a series production of the new packaging for diary industry, in line with the agreed parameters and by the use of the machine park.

This solution is to be implemented in production under Marcato business operations, and then launched on the market as high market potential. The packaging made of foamed foil is to be purchased by the companies from the diary sector. Due to the improved barrier capacity of the packaging compared to other available solutions, this project is also to be considered as useful in reducing food waste.


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