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Korporacja KGL S.A. is a Polish stock listed company of 25 years’ experience in the market of production and sales of foil and plastic packaging, distribution of plastic granulates and import of raw materials and semi-products. For years we have been concentrating our business on increasing the scale of production operations. In this respect, we have been successively improving the production facilities by purchasing and constructing production and storage halls ,machines and equipment. We have our own tool-shop and a modern Research & Development Center (R&D Center) involved in preparing projects of new, innovative products.


The entire KGL Group employs in total 750 people in few locations. Despite the enormous business scale, we make daily efforts so that the company keeps its original character and that every Employee of ours feels part of the great KGL family.

As the Employer, we ensure timely payments of remuneration, improve our bonus schemes and their fair allocation as well as develop the system of benefits. Our every Employee additionally receives medical care, Multisport cards or cinema /theater tickets.
Our business dynamics makes that every new employee is welcome to present her/his initiatives and apply own ideas apart from the ready-made standard.
Since 2019 we are the member of the “Friendly Recruitment Coalition”, since we look up to the highest recruitment standards on the contemporary employment market. We want to protect these standards also in the everyday management, therefore in June 2019 we appointed new HR unit specializing in the development of managerial skills and tools.


Klaudyn and Mościska – this is the location of the main Office, commercial department, warehouses and production halls of plastics manufactured in thermoforming and extrusion processes.

Rzakta – this is the location of our warehouses and production halls of former Marcato company, producing foil and plastic packaging in extrusion, thermoforming and injection processes.

Niepruszewo near Poznań – this is the location of our supporting tool-shop (former FFK Moulds company), specializing in design and construction of thermoforming moulds.

Kostrzyn Wielkopolski – this is the location of our distribution warehouse.


Are you interested in our products?
Do you have any questions about any specific product?
Or maybe you are looking for a non-standard solution? Please contact us – together we will find answers to all your questions.

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