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The development strategy of Korporacja KGL S.A. is based on the complex offer of services, irrespective of whether it refers to granulate, foil, packaging or a production mould. We offer support at the product design stage, raw material selection, tool construction, production and finally the supply of goods to our Customer plants.


The strategic goal of Korporacja KGL to support the customers in developing their businesses by delivering virgin plastics, foil, packaging and production moulds. We continuously extend the scope of offered products in consideration of the marketing research and our Customer needs. First and foremost, we want our company to be associated with the highest quality and solidity.

Sustainable development

We prioritize the related undertakings which aim at reduction of the environment contamination and the maximum use of the plastic potential. Plastic is a great material mainly because of its recycling capabilities, which if used consciously and wisely, can help in waste reduction. But education is not everything – plastic products need to be recyclable and thus, already at the design stage, we undertake a number of related actions such as: we resign from the multi-layer structures, we increase the recyclate share, we reduce the packaging weight or we use bio-degradable materials.

Competences and skills

For Korporacja KGL S.A. acquisition of new skills and increase of competences are considered the key factors of success. Highly qualified employees as well as close cooperation with the suppliers, guarantee that the orders are performed as per the individual Customer needs and allow for developing stable, good relations with commercial partners.



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