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Electrically conductive

We offer thermoplastic, thermally conductive composites in a wide range of surface resistances. We divide these materials into: antistatic composites (1010-1012 ohm), dispersion composites (106-1012 ohm), conductive composites (101-106 ohm), composites shielding electromagnetic waves and radio waves (EMI / RFI) (101-104 ohm) . The above composites can be used, e.g. in the automotive industry, mining, electronics and household appliances.

RTP electrically conductive, anti-static, electrostatic dissipative composites, electrically conductive (ESD protection), electromagnetic shielding and radio waves (EMI / RFI) composites

Thermally conductive

Thermally conductive thermoplastic composites offer solutions for effective heat dissipation from sensitive electronic components. As thermoplastics, heat-conducting composites are processed by injection molding so we can adjust the shape of the mold to maximize the heat dissipation effect and to produce elements easier and cheaper than using metals and machining. Heat conducting composites are ideal for LED lighting, motor and battery housings, temperature sensors, all types of heat exchangers and portable electronic devices. Compared to aluminum, these composites allow a 50% weight reduction with similar construction. In addition, these composites, by their very nature, are corrosion-resistant, enabling placement of elements in environments where metals would not work because of their susceptibility to corrosion.

RTP thermally conductive

Thermally resistant

Group of thermoplastic composites of high thermal resistance and thermal stability, with a number of physicochemical properties qualifying them for use in electronic & electrotechnical industry, as well as in medicine.

RTP High-temperature composites

Wear resistant

We offer a group of wear-resistant thermoplastic composites, which, thanks to the additivess used, allow to extend the service life and increase the reliability of elements made of them by reducing friction and material abrasion. The most commonly used additives are: APWA (all-polymeric wear additive), PFPE (synthetic perfluoropolyether oil), PTFE (poly (tetrafluoroethylene)), silicone, molybdenum disulfide ("Moly"), graphite, aramid fibers, carbon fibers and glass fibers. The properties of the above composites are most often used for the production of gears, sliding elements, pump rotors, sleeves and rollers, etc.

RTP Wear-resistant composites

Filled and reinforced polymers

Our offer includes a group of thermoplastic materials, thanks to which by the use of long glass fibers (different lengths), carbon fibers and other fillers can increase the strength of the end products. These polymers have a much better impact strength, which makes them an ideal replacement for metal components. The benefits of such a conversion include: weight reduction, efficiency increase, production consolidation, reduction of secondary processing and better chemical resistance. Compared to typical materials with short glass fiber, those offered by us with long glass fiber provide twice as high impact strength, improved creep parameters, fatigue resistance and better dimensional stability, especially at elevated temperatures.

RTP Filled and reinforced plastics

High specific gravity

We offer a group of thermoplastic composites characterized by a higher specific gravity than the base polymer. Their use allows to obtain a weight comparable to the weight of metal elements while maintaining all the benefits that thermoplastics offer. A wide range of base polymers such as: PP, ABS, TPU, PPS and a variety of fillings used allow obtaining composites with a density of 2 to 11g / cm3. These composites are mainly used in the production of weights, ballasts, radiation shields, vibration damping elements, corrosion-resistant elements, heavy jar caps, metalized perfume caps imitating metal with their weight and appearance.

RTP Composites with increased specific gravity


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