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Color masterbatches consisting of a polymeric carrier and an appropriate mixture of pigments. We offer approximately 200 different colors, including white and black. Our concentrates are suitable for coloring LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, GPPS, HIPS, ABS, SAN, PVC, PBT, PC.



UV stabilizers

They delay the aging process and protect the polymer against degradation under UV radiation. PE materials are the most sensitive to ultraviolet radiation. Products made of other materials exposed to long-term exposure to external factors should also be protected against UV radiation. We offer UV stabilizers designed to protect: PE, PP, PS, ABS, SAN, PA, POM.



Antistatic agents

Antistatics are modifiers that increase surface conductivity used, among others in the production of film to eliminate static electricity on the film and to protect the product against dust deposits. We offer antistatic agents for use with such materials as: PE, PP, PS.




Antiblocks are silica-based modifiers that increase the film's abrasion resistance in the production process, eliminate sticking during winding, and also improve thermal conductivity, making it possible to reduce the cooling time during extrusion. We offer anti-blocking for use with such materials as: PE, PP



Special modifiers

At the customer's request, we select special types of modifiers, among others: nucleants, antifogs, anti-slip antioxidants, bacteriostats, corrosion deactivators, corrosion inhibitors, X-ray markers, blowing agents, slip, Gamma ray stabilizers, cleaning agents, laser marking agents, photodegrading agents, agents delaying ripening, foam stabilizers and fragrances.



Chalk fillers

Chalk filler is an additive based on calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Used as an addition to PP, PE, GPPS, HIPS and ABS, it increases the rigidity and weight of the detail while reducing production costs. This addition causes a deterioration in the transparency of the base material, however, it does not give a sufficient effect of white coloring.



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