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The natural environment is our common wealth and we need to learn together how to protect it. Therefore we invest in more ecological solutions and production processes – at the same time we promote right behaviors related to plastic recycling in our everyday life!


Before we talk about the specific undertakings
– few facts and statistics.

Do you know that plastic waste represents only 1% of all waste produced in Poland?

Additionally, in many aspects the plastics definitely win with the alternative materials such as paper, glass or metal:

  • they are light and endurable that helps to reduces transport costs;
  • they can be processed in much more lower temperature than glass or metal, which results in lower use of energy, resources and lower emission of greenhouse gases;
  • they can be industrially customized due to its properties.

Where is the problem?

The negative opinion on the ecological aspect of plastics comes from the low level of their recovery. Only one in two plastic bottles in Poland is recycled! 

That is why we would like to challenge you! As Korporacja KGL S.A. we shall take all the obligations related to the responsible production, and You as the users - to the recovery of plastics.

Our commitments:

  • resignation of multi-layers structures
  • increase of recyclate share
  • reduction of packaging weight
  • use of biodegradable materials

Your commitments:

  • Segregation of plastics and their disposal to the proper bins
Only this!
Together we can change our planet… for the better!
Are you ready to accept this challenge?


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